Mini Meditations

Crystal Gypsy

Mini Meditations are 15-20 minute meditations that guide you into sacred space where you can relax, renew and refresh, leaving the busy world behind for a little while, featuring original piano music by Crystal Gypsy from her CD 7 Tears Of Tara.

Mini Meditations is based on years of experience as an Energy Healer & Hypnotherapist. The CD features 3 meditations that will help you to dissolve stress & heal the mind body and spirit.

"7 tears of tara" is an ambient meditation CD featuring piano and cosmic synth pads, utilising the musical notes specific to each chakra and can be used for chakra balancing. It is perfect for meditating, relaxing, going into trance, massage or yoga and some of the music from this CD provides the background to Tania's soothing Australian voice as she guides you down into a blissful state.

Tania Smith is "The Crystal Gypsy". Born in Tasmania, Australia Tania grew up as a keyboard player/singer/ player/singer/songwriter and has performed with artists such as Kylie Minogue, Jamie O'Neal, Willie Nelson & Michael McDonald among others and in 1995 co-wrote the title track from the album "Lesson Of Love" for Ashley Cleveland which won her a grammy. While on tour with Jamie O'Neal she started making sacred jewelry for artists & celebrities to wear on stage and Crystal Gypsy Designs was born. Her antique Tibetan Collection can be seen at "The Andrea Smith Gallery" in Sedona, Arizona. Her designs are energized with Reiki to activate the healing properties of the stones. Tania is a certified Hypnotherapist and uses her music in her private practice with clients using Tibetan Energy Healing techniques, Reiki,and other shamanic practices using crystals & gemstones.

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