Resident Alien


Cosmic grooves that make you want to stay out late at the Moon Temple.

"In a galaxy several thousand lightyears away, a council of the Galactic Federation selected 3 of their best transvibrational beings to travel as emmisaries to planet Earth. Their appointed mission was to observe and adapt as musicians in separate continents, and through cosmic and technological connectivity impart their vibrational messages of healing and energy while reactivating star codes through earthly forms of musical communication.

SpaceJunky is the creative vision of Tania Smith along with 2 other musicians Dan Harris & Luke Mason. All come with numerous credits to their names collectively, including working with artists such as Kylie Minogue, Jamie O'Neal, Michael McDonald, James Blundell, Olivia Newton John, Willie Nelson, Thomas Dolby, and the list goes on........ including writing a song on a Grammy winning album by the same name and winning the equivalent of a Grammy for Best English Pop Production in Malaysia. They even helped score a #2 hit for a country artist Steve Azar when they played on his album "Waitin' On Joe", but their album is far from country.

Spanning 3 continents and 3 countries they kept coming together periodically to complete this album known as "Resident Alien". All are Australian by birth but now live in Sydney, Nashville & Malaysia. Tania is a card carrying resident alien as recognised by the US government and so they offer you their first collection of cosmic messages......turn it up and shake your booty.......Peace!

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    I Am 3:37
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