Tania along with Rafe Van Hoy and Hugh Murray have co writtten a song called My Baby She's A Cat for The Big Ol Bus Band. The song is on their newest CD called Gold In The River. Listen below!

One of Tania's favorite keyboards is the Hammond B3. Check out the song "Tattoo" by Kix Brooks on his new CD "New To This Town where she gets to turn it up loud!

Esperanza Spalding is the latest artist to be seen wearing Crystal Gypsy Designs, Tania's 1-of-a-kind jewelry creations. She has worn them on recent performances on Jay Leno and David Letterman and here again in an article for the San Fransisco Chronicle. If you haven't checked out Esperanza do yourself a favor, she is amazing!

Tania has been working on a new CD....recorded in Sydney and tracks have been started...more to come! 

Tania is also working on a movie theme for a new animated short. Stay Tuned!

RIP Planet 7 - Crystal City. The Second Life SpaceJunky community is now closed for the moment due to the band working on other projects. SpaceJunky will continue to do concerts in Second Life. Here is a look back at the beautiful crystal city that their "StarTribe" called home.

Here is a video shot in Second Life at the bands "Crystal City" on SpaceJunky Island where fans rented homes, hung out, shopped, played and watched SpaceJunky Virtual Concerts. SpaceJunky created a microcosm of their bands music, bringing to life the subjects they make music about.

The song StarTribe was taken from Tania's solo piano CD "7 Tears Of Tara".


Photos from Crystal City 

SpaceJunky was featured on CNN about using the virtual world of Second Life to promote their new CD "Resident Alien".

SpaceJunky's involvement with SL has resulted in Sony Creative Software's AcidPlanet hosting a remix contest for their song Gravitational Pull.This is the same remix contest that they have hosted for the likes of Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Nine Inch Nails and Black Eyed Peas. This came about because of SpaceJunky's involvement with SL and their story on CNN International about how the band is using SL to reach out to music fans all over the world.

The winner was rapper Metaphysics from the German multi platinum selling band  Sohne Mannheims.                     Hear the Metaphysics Remix below.

Many people have assisted this mission and without everyone I have ever met in this life this project may not have been realized. Such is the tenure of life – joined by invisible threads –not knowing how they will weave the fabric of existence together into the present. I thank you all, you have my souls gratitude and my hearts love.

To my earth family – Mum, Dad, Jodee & Adrian thank you for every lesson you taught me. My love & appreciation for your support, love & sacrifice is eternal.

My musical mentor – Don Gurr, I thank you for your wisdom and for taking me on as your protégé, you made a little girl very happy the day you opened the door to your house and shared your love and knowledge of music. Nip Moore – For the improvisation Bill Whitton - For the cool grooves, the great chords and sharing with me the power of fishnet stockings.

Adrian Scott – thanks for trusting me on some of the biggest stages in the world. Lesley Porter – for always “being there” – fabulous or not. Andrew McManus – are you still my manager? “Write well, play safe” - what do you think? James Blundell – for being “James” & introducing me to the “darkest horse”.

Jamie O’Neal – for the fun on the road – shopping across the world. Siobhan Maher-Kennedy – psycho mermaid never sounded so good. Ron Keith - for making beautiful pictures, and having a beautiful heart to go along with your talent.

Mary Beth Felts - For always saying yes to help make me pretty and doing it with your gorgeous smile, eyeliner never looked so good. Ron Kriedman, Ricky Moeller, Travis, Larry Boster & Tim Moore for that fateful New York showcase….you guys rock! Penny – you now have your wings, fly on angel.
I love you with all my heart pipdaddy.
Thank you Jaggi Vasudev, Lobsang Tashi & Amaru Li.


Rafe Van Hoy – the finest songwriter/producer I know (not to mention that “spatial” guitar) & the darkest horse to ever roam the trenches of the music business, thank you for heeding the call & extending your hands, heart & expertise to help us in ways no other could have – you are a true visionary and I only hope I get to see the day the world discovers the vault of “uncut gems”.

Luke Mason – my cosmic brother, the power of the universe could be held together by your groove – thanks for letting me share it lovey.

Dan Harris - “it’s all about the vibe” and you have a beautiful one – thanks for the riffs, power chords & unswerving belief – “what page are we on?”

-The Bass Men- Chris "onthe1" Kent...dude you know how to lay down the mother groove - a low note never sounded so sweet! Thanks for your soul and sweet smiles. "Brother Hal" Tupia - a true soldier for the groove, always willing, always grooving...Love ya heaps! Jackie "El Gato Negro" Street - a man of few words but knows where the groove is and sits in it -Thanks for everything.

To the people of Tibet for teaching me about love & compassion. I am forever changed. Free Tibet!

A few years before SpaceJunky released their new debut CD "Resident Alien" they played as the studio band behind country rocker Steve Azar. Not only did they deliver him a #2 hit single that remained on the charts for 48 weeks they also played a smoking swamp-roots version "Big Blue Sky" written by SpaceJunky producer Rafe Van Hoy, which was recorded and released by Reba McEntire on her First Valentine's Day Album "Love Revival" for Hallmark. Reba at her rockin' best.

Info Tidbit: Tania met Reba on her "Girls Night Out Tour" while she was musical director and keyboardist for Jamie O'Neal.

After doing a show in the virtual world of Second Life for Zoppini Jewels, the band was contacted by Marco Zoppini himself and asked whether they would like to wear his jewelry. Zoppini had already been kind enough to provide the band with "virtual" jewels at the show in Second Life but now they will wear the Florence companies beautiful jewels in real life and be featured in promotional material throughout Italy, as they join the likes of Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and others.......Thank you Marco!


We now have a blog dedicated to Second Life only. This is where you will find info about what we have been up to in SL including pix from recent gigs. Stay tuned for more transmissions! www.spacejunkyinsl.blogspot.com

More and more SpaceJunky are being sought out by major corporations to play "virtual concerts" in their virtual environments. Corporations like

and just recently a show for RADIO IMAGO, the largest webradio station in Italy!!

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